About us

Our philosophy

Aeon is driven by the conviction that investment success can only be sustained by looking continually to the long term.

Taking the long view means identifying assets that are well understood, with manageable depreciation. It means investing within a strong legal and regulatory framework. And it requires us to operate only in sectors with strong and sustainable underlying
industrial growth.

Our long-term investment philosophy is founded on four core principles:


We provide daily liquidity for equity and debt tranches, with live pricing and Euroclear & Clearstream settlements, all backed by a dedicated pool of capital.

Risk mitigation

We mitigate residual value risk and credit risk by sourcing liquid, well understood assets, using conservative leverage, amortising debt to near zero over term and constructing over-collateralised and diversified portfolios.


We create structures that generate resilient, deterministic returns, in order to drive overall performance.

Alignment of interests

Our ‘seed and lead’ approach ensures full alignment with our investors, and we retain a minimum of 20% of issuances.

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